Easily create and tag Intellectual Assets in a simple user interface

IA Manager provides a simple interface for quickly creating and editing the intellectual assets in your portfolio. In addition to entering the basic defining characteristics for each asset, the IA Manager includes tagging functionality enabling you to easily maintain multiple subsets of your portfolio – such as connections to individuals, projects, publications, IPRs, technology areas etc. 


Instantly find any asset using powerful search and filtering functionality


To select a subset of a larger portfolio or to quickly find a specific intellectual asset, IA Manager provides advanced search and filtering tools. You can search and filter on any data that you have entered, including tags. Filters are easily combined to answer specific questions such as: What are all the technical solutions that Maria Svensson has been part of developing? 


Assess individual assets along multiple dimensions

Each asset can be assessed on a scale from 1 to 5 on a number of parameters relevant for further research and development, utilization and commercialization. The preset assessment parameters are: Development level, Uniqueness, Value for commercial offer, Value for further R&D, Difficulty of imitation, Secrecy-based control, and IPR-based control. 

In combination with filter tools you are able to answer questions such as: What technical solutions developed by Maria Svensson are considered both unique and valuable for a commercial offer?


Visualize assessment to facilitate portfolio analysis and communication

IA Manager allows you to visualize your portfolio assessments using an XY-plot, which is helpful both in portfolio analysis and when communicating an overview of the portfolio to different stakeholders. Select which assessment parameters to display on the respective axes. Each intellectual asset is represented by a circle and you can use circle size to represent potential additional data that you want to visualize – such as a third assessment parameter, category type, tags etc.