How secure is IA Manager?                                 

The short answer -  your data is better protected in the IA Manager online service than on your harddrive. No sensitive data is transmitted or stored in clear text, and nobody besides the account holder have access to sensitive data. The weakest security link is if someone knows your password.  More on security


How is my personal data and information used? 

 We take your privacy, others' privacy and our own privacy as IA Manager online service users very seriously. We store very little personal information- only what is required to manage your account. 

Does any of CIP Professional Services employees have access to my sensitive data?

Nobody besides you have access to your sensitive data. There is no copy of sensitive information including passwords or intellectual asset data, or any escrow mechanism to recover your encrypted data. I.e, if you forget your password and no longer use the email you provided to us (so we can't send you a new encrypted hyperlink), we can't recover your data. 


What are the limits of my free account?                                                 

There are no limits in number of portfolios, intellectual assets, tags or assessment parameters for IA analysis. 

How do I get started with IA Manager?

Visit our take a tour page for more information