Who is behind IA Manager, anyway?

IA Manager has been developed by Konsert Strategy & IP – a consultancy firm specialized in innovation and intellectual property management. Konsert Strategy & IP (previously CIP Professional Services) is a pioneer in the area of IAM and we have been developing software since 2008, with the intention of supporting and improving our IAM service offerings towards our clients. We have completed more than a 200 projects for research groups, start-ups, universities, and multinational corporations since the company was spun out from the Centre for Intellectual Property (CIP) at Chalmers University of Technology and the University of Gothenburg in 2006.  Read more about Konsert Strategy & IP here.


Who is IA Manager developed for?

The IA Manager is a lite version of the IAM software we use internally to enable our IAM service offerings, and has been developed with the intention of providing anyone who is working operatively with IAM methodology with a basic but effective support tool. This typically includes academic researchers and research managers, innovation advisors, IPM consultants, SME business developers and engineers etc.


Why is IA Manager provided for free?

At Konsert Strategy & IP we are strong believers in the unique benefits of IAM methodology in strengthening value outcomes from research, development and innovation. Recognizing that the lack of adequate tools may provide a barrier to trying an IAM-based way of working, we've decided to release the IA Manager software as a free online service to help support adoption of IAM methodology. Our hope is this will help contribute to increased value from innovation for individuals, organizations and society as a whole. 


Are there other versions of IA Manager available?

The IA Manager has been developed to support the most common needs of individuals working operatively with IAM. There are currently no other versions commercially available, even though we are evaluating different options going forward. If you have further questions, would like to express your need for specific features to affect software updates, or have other comments you’d like to share, we would love to hear from you. Send us an email at: support@iamanager.se


How secure is IA Manager?

The security of the data in IA Manager is our highest priority. We use state-of-the-art technology and industry best practices for data management, including 128-bit AES encryption for both transit to and from our servers, as well as for stored data. We use APKAS-AMP authentication schemes (IEEE std 1363.2008) for password-based public key cryptography. No passwords are stored on our servers, only password verifiers that are derived from user passwords. Your data is exclusively stored on our servers placed behind robust firewalls employing physical security and strict access policies, and is never stored, shared, or accessible from any third party server.


What about privacy of data?

We have strict policy and technical access controls that prohibit any employee from accessing user data. Like most online services, we must be able to access user data for the reasons stated in our privacy policy (e.g., when legally required to do so). Employees may access portfolio metadata (e.g., number of portfolios, number of assets, number of assessments) when they have a legitimate reason, like analyzing IA Manager usage to improve our online services. No content data, such as asset titles, descriptions, utilities, tags or names are included in such metadata. Read our Terms of Service here.